BuddyPress upgrades with Multi-DB

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Has anyone had experience with upgrading to BP 1.2 with multiDB installed?

I'm getting the following in my logs:
WordPress database error: [Table 'wp_bp_groups_members' already exists]
CREATE TABLE wp_bp_groups_members (....

I think I'm getting one for every table it tries to update.

Does anyone have suggestions for doing the upgrade?

  • Marcus
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    Also, when upgrading from WPMU 2.8 to I get errors in the logs about wp_1_ tables, as it tries to create the tables again, probably same problem as above.

    Is this normal? I seem to not have any issues with the upgrade, maybe it upgrades the blogs by manual correctly visit, but I haven't exactly tested all the functions of WP either.....

  • Marcus
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    Check it out.... I've managed to successfully upgrade WPMU and BuddyPress!

    It's not the most elegant of solutions, but it works AND it resolved an issue of a bad upgrade from BP 1.1.1 to 1.1.3 due to MultiDB as well.

    I'd seriously recommend backing up and also not allowing people to visit the WP site (add a redirect in .htaccess for all IPs except you).

    Here's the instructions necessary to update your WPMU 2.8 > and BP 1.1.3 > 1.2

    - Firstly, make sure you have the newest MultiDB installed.
    - Upgrade WPMU
    - Add bp_activity and bp_activity_meta to your db-config.php global tables
    - Copy your global database tables and move them over into the same table you have your main blog (wp_1_* tables). It's easiest if you have made your main blog have it's own database, but not mandatory.
    - Rename /wp-content/db.php to something else (e.g. db.phpx)
    - Ensure your wpconfig.php file has the right db connection details to point to your main blog database
    - Deactivate BP and all other BP dependant plugins
    - Delete your old BP default themes (as per BP.org upgrade instructions)
    - Update BP
    - Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I had to do as instructed on http://buddypress.org/forums/topic/not-being-able-to-post-any-updates?replies=3#post-37840
    - Copy the global tables back to your global database (drop all tables first, then insert copied tables)
    - Remove the tables from the main blog db
    - Activate BP

    Now my BP is working better than ever (so far)!

    Hope this helps someone. I advise when upgrading any plugins with multiDB you do your due dilligence on what tables it creates, and keep an eye on the error logs for SQL errors.

  • Marcus
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    By the way, I've come to the conclusion that keeping my primary blog in the global table saves a few steps in the above method. This way upgrading from 1.2. to 1.2.1 was even easier.

    I've not done this to my live site though, and I was just wondering if there were any known adverse effects to making blog 1 a vip blog that's located in the global database?

  • argh2xxx
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    promis, did you upgrade to bp 1.2.1 yet? Your bp 1.2.1 installation has private message component working OK? Regard to your activity problem, I had exact problem and following this post of your was a big help in fixing it. It's just that I have broken private message component as private message could not be sent successfully. Wonder has you experienced the same, if yes, and how you fix it? Thanks...

  • Marcus
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    Sorry for the delay, gotta find a way of getting notifications sent to me upon new posts, any recommendations?

    Yes, I upgraded to 1.2.1 with no problems (apart from the ones mentioned before).

    I advise you try sending a message and check out your php error log. Also, maybe try disabling MySQL strict mode, as that causes all sorts of problems with BP.

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