Buddypress Usage integration and usage question?

1.How would this work with bp profile types?
Can I put a membership level only on specific type of BP profiles
for ex. A hairstyles would have a membership, customers would probably not.

2. Can M2 allow certain field data entry to be available based on the users membership level.
ex. If Hair styles would be able to enter [website url] info in their profile depending on their membership level.

3. How does M2 integrate with Appointments+?

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Anthony

    I hope you're well today!

    For your first question, I believe the process would be the other way around: sync a Bp profile type to a specific membership. The reason being that a user is redirected to your BuddyPress /register page after having selected the membership they wish to join on your site.

    That is not a built-in default feature of Membership2 though. I guess getting that to work would depend on how you have set up your account types in your BuddyPress install. Are you using a plugin like this one on github?

    ...or have you perhaps coded them in yourself by leveraging the new Member Types feature included since BP version 2.2?

    Issue 2 would require some development; perhaps using something like Conditional Profile Fields as a basis?

    You may want to contact the author of the above plugin (Brajesh Singh) for some assistance with that... he loves challenges & puzzles. :slight_smile:

    As for your 3rd question, that kinda depends on what you mean by integration. Do you mean you want to limit access to the make-an-appointment page? If so, simply include that page in the Protected rules for the applicable memberships. Or do you mean some other kind of integration?