Buddypress User Edit Lockout

I am running Buddypress with the Buddypress Scholar theme installed. My users will publish posts and then about a week later get locked out of the edit post feature. They can access the posts and click on the edit button but it directs them to a blank white page.

I thought maybe it was a plugin glitch and uninstalled the "user role" plugin I and the "adminimize" plugin that I was using but for some reason the problem persists. Is there some feature of wordpress that i am unaware of that prohibits users with the role of "author" from editing their posts after a certain time period? I created a new user role and the problem manifested even when I gave them the ability to edit their published posts.I can't for the life figure out this problem and it takes me quite a bit of time to fix it for each user every time it happens. I tried changing some users to editors and this fixed the problem (I think...) Does anyone have any insight into this problem?