Buddypress users not displayed in user list on primary site, only in network admin user list

I’m running a fairly new Buddypress site – http://www.truefoodsolutions.com – that was recently converted to a multisite installation. I’m using BP 1.2.9 because I haven’t had time to do the upgrade.

I realized today that most of my users that have signed up (all but one) in the past 2 months do not display in the main site user list, but are only displayed on the Network Admin user list. I was going to give a user author permissions, then couldn’t find him until I looked in the network admin list, then realized that I can’t give him different permissions because there’s no permissions dropdown box for the users that only appear in the network admin user list.

I’m using the Facebook connect functionality of the Ultimate Facebook plugin on the Register/Login screens, but I don’t think that all but one have used Facebook to login. I think it’s more likely due to the multisite transition.

How do I move those users over so they appear in the main site user list and I can modify permissions for them to give some blogging rights?