BuddyPress Verified-like ribbon on certain users pages

I am working on a BuddyPress site and we have a few “team members”/contributor-like figures to the site and want to make sure that they are differentiated between normal users easily.

I’ve seen the BuddyPress verified plugin in many threads and more but it’s been discontinued and can’t find it anywhere anymore. I would like something like this and I dont even mind if it’s just a hardcoded css solution or something into my theme or functions.php… it’s only 3 users so not that much to hardcode in.

All I’m looking for is a little ribbon on their profile page that says Contributor or something of that manner that only they will have (user-specific). I dont need any user interface to add these users in or anything if that makes it too hard.

Hopefully someone can help out with this. Please respond ASAP. Thanks in advance!