Buddypress vs bbPress widgets in multisite NW

I’d like more of a forum / social media aspect to my multi-site website. I’m trying to decide between Buddypress and bbPress, both of which are already installed on my site. I like the subject matter orientation of forums. But I like the thumbnails and friendly UI of buddypress. Most importantly, I want to be able to have widgets that display the most recent user entries – sitewide on my main page, and limited to specific subjects on my subdomains. I have a few questions: (1) Are BP groups similar to Facebook pages so that they can be organized around a particular topic like forums are? If the answer is yes, then that leads to my next questions:

(2) Is there a Buddypress widget that will display the activity stream of a particular group only? (I know there is a sitewide activity stream widget but I want a group specific widget too).

(3) Is there a bbPress widget that will aggregate replies on all site forums and display them like an activity stream? With thumnails of links and images?