Buddypress vs. community?

I was going to set up my site with Buddypress... but as I'm looking at it, I'm not sure if that's what I need or if the community would do. (I've used WP, but not as a social network).

I would appreciate some direction as to the best way to do this/which plugins I should focus with:


Social Network > Topic areas.

i.e., I set up a "mu" site for Advertising, and any subtopics.

Any member can join the *WHOLE* site (i.e., this is where I thought bp worked)...
And then they can "join" the topics (groups?) that they want to be part of.

Some groups/topics will have sub groups. (i.e. Business > Subgroup: Business Networking)

I will be selling the premium access to "owning" a topic (while they're a member, so in essence, they're the "group" leader).

I did set up the Network aspect of Wordpress, and have installed BP - but am a little stuck on how to proceed further.

Should I continue getting BP set up or just set up the system with the regular network?

I do want it social (like FB in a way), kind of a cross between FB & Linked-in if that makes sense?

I guess what I'm asking: Does BP let people have THEIR own social networks, or just be part of one and lets them have their own blogs? (Hence why I'm unsure which plugin to use...)

(Sorry for the slightly "newbie" post... I'm NOT a newbie online or in creating html sites... just for this side - in the past I used PHPFOX, but it's not exactly the cheapest - I much preferred paying for the membership for wpmudev!)


  • Mason

    Hiya AJ,

    First off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

    It's good to be thinking about these things up front. Much easier to map it out now and know what you want than to have to make a major change well down the road.

    From what you're describing I think that a full BuddyPress setup is the way to go. Your right that each member would have access to the entire site, and then some groups can be set to private if you like making things a little more exclusive. BuddyPress does not give users the ability to set up their own 'social network' site however. They can manage their own groups and even have their own site/blog but that's about the extent of it.

    In order to maintain levels of 'access' you'll want to look at controlling the member roles and probably using something like our membership plugin:

    Hope this helps a bit. As you're going a long and want some further opinions or something more specific, just let us know.


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