Buddypress Vs. WPMUDev Premium Plugins

I have been looking through the list of plugins on this site, preparing for a new website that I am about to design, and I was curious about a few things. I have used Buddypress before, and to be honest, I am not particularly fond of it. I had many problems with functionality, and styling. That being said, I have noticed that WPMUDev has a bunch of plugins that seem to replace the need for Buddypress completely. Is this statement accurate, or would I be hard pressed to find another solution that does what Buddypress does?

The new site I am about to design is a landlord association website. It will need a member area and a public area. Members will have access to exclusive content, have the ability to communicate with the owner of the website through a more robust system than email. I will also need the ability to have members pay the owner of the website for various things (rent, services, etc.) … I would like the website owner to have control over this area, and be able to add and/or remove payable items as needed. Members will also have an area to share important documents with the owner of the website.

Is all of this possible without having to use Buddypress? I feel like a combination of WPMUDev premium plugins can get the job done. Is this correct?

Thank you in advance!