BuddyPress with New Blog Templates


i would like some guidance on how to provide BuddyPress using New Blog Templates.

environment :
WP multisite, ProSites, BP not on main site.

it is my understanding that BP has to, or at least should be on the main site of a multisite.
this is why i was pleasantly surprised when the thought of such an offering crossed my mind mostly thanks to one of your great blog posts ;

as mentioned above the main site would not be using BP.
so what guidelines/workflow should i follow ?
install BP but do not network activate ?
activate it only on the sub site that i want to create the template ?
i shudder to think i will have to network activate it and have it unnecessarily on all sites.
is this the case ?

any other important steps that should be considered or performed ?

any kind assistance in this would be greatly appreciated.

thanks again in advance.