BuddyPress/bbPress: Need a search widget to allow searching both the site and the bbPress forums.


In the attached image, you'll see that in order to provide users with the option of searching either the site (pages and posts) OR the bbPress forums, I have to use two widgets - it's an unfortunate waste of sidebar space and potentially confusing to users.

I've tested and the standard WordPress search widget does not return results from the bbPress forums.

I've always investigated a number of search plugins, and I do use the Advanced Post Search widget, but I can't determine a method to make it provide the option of searching Pages/Posts or bbPress forums.

Can you help me determine a method to consolidate site page/post searches and bbPress forum searches in a single widget? It would be great if the user had the option of typing in their keywords, then selecting whether to search pages/posts or forums (or perhaps even both but that wouldn't be required).

Thank you for any help or insight!