BuddyPress/Multisite – Set BP Profile as Home Page of new site

Here is what we want to do.

– Create a multisite installation (completed)

– Users register as new BuddyPress members for the Primary site (handmade2trade.com)

– During new member registratio, users also create a new site (example: handmade2trade.com/divatest)

– New site is exact copy of handmade2trade.com (Basic Multisite installation)


– The Edublogs theme is not being applied to new sites.

-unable to log into new site to apply theme/delete unwanted pages

-Plugins are not active on new site

– Need direction on how to set the BuddyPress Member Profile as the Home page for each new site. New members currently return to handmade2trade.com/register or handmade2trade.com/members/new site name


This is a multisite installation.

We are using the EduBlogs Theme.

We are using the child theme setup.

Thank you for assistance.