BuddyPress/Q&A site with white-labeling

I'm interesting in putting together a niche site for social networking/blogging/q&a, and I want to be able to offer custom whitelabeled version to other groups, but also integrate some of those sites into the main site (not a deal breaker).

I don't know a lot about your edublogs site, but I guess the analogy might be the main edublgos site, white-labeling off-shoot sites for universities that could offer their own services, and having some local control and some global control.

A few questions.

1) Is the Q&A plug-in made to work with BuddyPress so groups have Q&A rankings?

2) Is there a way to have some groups in BuddyPress 'certified'? i.e. allow users to set up certain ad-hoc groups, but also allow certain groups to be controlled by the main site (and be labeled as such).

3) Is there a way to build a buddypress site with a user base that overlaps with off-shoot white-label sites? i.e. if I set up an offshoot site with it's own groups and Q&A, can the users log into the main site with the same credentials?

4) In a similar vein, would it be possible to have things in an off-shoot site like Q&A show up as kind of sub-sections on the main site? For example, if the off-shoot sites were regional groups, could I set up the regional group to control their region on the main site, but essentially have the same information?

5) Is there a way to set up micropayments on the main site? and if on the sub-sites to allow payments, but to take a cut?


  • Patrick

    Hiya @philipt18

    Welcome to the forums!

    Let's see if we can find some answers to those questions :slight_smile:

    1) The Q&A plugin is compatible with BuddyPress, but it does integrate with it. So, no group-specific Q&A I'm afraid.

    2) Sure thing! Whenever a user creates a group, he/she is automatically assigned as admin of that group. So if the site admin creates a group, he/she is the admin of the group also. Only group admins can change the group settings. They can also assign other members as moderators.

    3) That is default behavior of WordPress multisite. When a user registers in your network, he/she is actually registering to the main site. As BuddyPress is network-activated, it inherits that functionality.

    4) Unfortunately, the Q&A plugin cannot function that way. It can be network-activated, but there is no communication or data-sharing between sites.

    5) Sorry. I'm afraid I don't quite understand that question. What exactly do you mean by "micropayments", and what would they be for?

  • philipt18

    So how do I request group rankings for Q&A?

    As for micropayments, what are the payment options that WPMU offers. It seems there are several financial-oriented plug-ins. I'm looking for something that will allow users to pay money to each other and allow the site to take a cut, and the same thing for off-shoot sites, where we can offer a payment system, but with a small percentage taken.

  • Patrick

    Hi again @philipt18

    So how do I request group rankings for Q&A?

    Best way is to create a new thread to request that feature in the Features & Feedback forum.

    I'm looking for something that will allow users to pay money to each other and allow the site to take a cut

    Off the top of my head, I'm not aware of any ready-made plugin or script that would enable users to share funds like that. There is CubePoints that could be used as-is or as a code base to fork from: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cubepoints/

    Or you could take a look at how our MarketPress plugin handles taking a percentage of all product sales from sub-sites.

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