BuddyPress/Q&A site with white-labeling

I'm interesting in putting together a niche site for social networking/blogging/q&a, and I want to be able to offer custom whitelabeled version to other groups, but also integrate some of those sites into the main site (not a deal breaker).

I don't know a lot about your edublogs site, but I guess the analogy might be the main edublgos site, white-labeling off-shoot sites for universities that could offer their own services, and having some local control and some global control.

A few questions.

1) Is the Q&A plug-in made to work with BuddyPress so groups have Q&A rankings?

2) Is there a way to have some groups in BuddyPress 'certified'? i.e. allow users to set up certain ad-hoc groups, but also allow certain groups to be controlled by the main site (and be labeled as such).

3) Is there a way to build a buddypress site with a user base that overlaps with off-shoot white-label sites? i.e. if I set up an offshoot site with it's own groups and Q&A, can the users log into the main site with the same credentials?

4) In a similar vein, would it be possible to have things in an off-shoot site like Q&A show up as kind of sub-sections on the main site? For example, if the off-shoot sites were regional groups, could I set up the regional group to control their region on the main site, but essentially have the same information?

5) Is there a way to set up micropayments on the main site? and if on the sub-sites to allow payments, but to take a cut?