Bug and inconsistence with Membership and Buddypress

Dear Support Team,

I'm writing you to complain about a bug in the Membership 2 Pro and an inconsistence in the Profile Page of Buddypress.

We are building up a little community in one of our wordpress instances. There we'd like to use Membership 2 Pro for protect pages from unauthorized access, Buddypress for better Account Management (Uploading Avatar) and Events+ to make the community able to create and attend to Events.

But there are two Problems:
1. When the Buddypress Integration is enabled in Membership 2 the "Password lost"-Link on the Buddypress Profile Page points to the Wordpress "Password lost" Page (Screenshop 1)

2. When I reset the password from the membership login page (Screenshot 2) it work as expected and I get an email with the reset link but when I click on it, it will give the exception show in Screenshot 3. For test reason I changed the affected row in the file (screenshot 4) to make it work again. The result of the Page is show in screenshot 5. Are there a bug or why is the reset link expired since it was created?

Thanks for support.

Kind Regards,