Bug - cannot display text in header, regardless of settings


Changing the Display Text box in the Custom Header settings in bp-daily doesn't have any impact. Furthermore, it adds a weird extra image that doesn't load.

In the screenshot you can see how it displays with default background image and display text set to "Yes".

The code relating to the extra image is:

<div id=&quot;header&quot;>
<div id=&quot;logo&quot;>
<a href=&quot;http://exploringfoodandwine.com&quot; title=&quot;Home&quot;><img src=&quot;&quot; alt=&quot;Tastour&quot; class=&quot;full-logo&quot;/></a>
<div class=&quot;clear&quot;></div>
</div><!-- #header -->

I've taken it out in my child theme, but this bit needs fixing.