Deleting Questions does not delete user rating or questions answered!


Using QA Plugin and doing a lot of test questions before launch.

Deleted all test questions but

1) Popular Users are still showing up in popular user widget, they have popular rating even though no questions exist anymore.

2) When you view a users profile the tabs under their profile photo says how many questions they answered (But none exist as they were deleted) So it is confusing as it lists 10 questions for example but none of them exist.

3) In this same tab (10 Answers for example) it even displays the titles to questions that were deleted and don’t exist. Clicking them gives a 404.

So there is obviously some clean up issues going on when a question is deleted it is not deleting the relationships associated with it. I can also see the scenario if a moderated question was deleted by me and it ended up being popular it would also not disappear and remain on the site which is not a good scenario as people end up getting a lot of 404’s.

2 Questions:

a) How can I clean up the database for a short term fix to properly get rid of old content or relationships to old questions as described above?

b) Can you please update the plugin to correctly handle when questions are deleted from the site?