BUG FIX: Upfront button from admin will fail if network has https (and all should)

in the functions.php file, line: 123

The line:

'href' => (is_admin() ? home_url('/?editmode=true') : '#'),

should be:

'href' => (is_admin() ? site_url('/?editmode=true') : '#'),

If wp-admin is set to forced ssl (which it should be in all network setups) the way it is currently is set up will fail with a ton of errors because it will either load to: http://www.networkname.com/blogname/?editmode=true or http://mappeddomain.com/?editmode=true

Both resulting in a javascript errors resulting to failure.

The correct link at all times for editing should be:

This fix will work for clicking the upfront button in the https://www.networkname.com/blogname/wp-admin

If linking from the front end when logging in, it should also link to the same location and will require changing something in the javascript which I can't seem to locate.

A similar fix in your javascript code is needed for the other two scenarios of clicking the upfront button when coming from:


Hope this all makes sense, thanks! Otherwise great work!

But this is definitely important thing to address asap to cause less confusion for users.