BUG: google maps api making calls without a google maps object in the site

Starting out a new blog in multisite from a completely blank stage using the panino template. As I load it in its completely stock stage and am watching the network traffic as it loads...this call is being made:

csi.gstatic.com/csi?v=2&s=mapsapi3&v3v=27.5&action=apiboot2&libraries=places&e=10_1_0,10_2_0&rt=main.11:1 GET https://csi.gstatic.com/csi?v=2&s=mapsapi3&v3v=27.5&action=apiboot2&libraries=places&e=10_1_0,10_2_0&rt=main.11
and its failing...and its taking 6.17s to load...and its stalling the load of the site....

This is really bad...possibly effects google page ranking of course...customer experience!

Priority fix. Standard behavior when setting up a new website is NOT to expect the user to have a google maps api ready to go.

Hope that helps.