Bug in Appointments+ on frontend page. Buttons not working

Installed Appointments+ ; using the standard frontend page with default shortcodes. Everything is visible but nothing functional: the button "show available times" is dead (not working) and when clicking on available date (green), the available time panel right from calendar is doing nothing. Example: today it's May22th, clicking on May23th, available time panel stucks on May22th and shows no new info and no available time slots. On the backend I miss the feature to fill in end time in making an appointment. Hope you can help make this work. It is about http://www.metaphorum.net/demo-meta/make-an-appointment/ but this client uses a non-public multisite environment and will need to ask for login credentials if you want to have a look. Thanks.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Metaphorum

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    Strictly speaking, that is not a bug as the plugin works just fine on thousands of sites... honest stats. :slight_smile:

    It may be a conflict with another plugin on the site though, or perhaps even with the active theme.

    Judging by your screenshot however, that looks kinda like the Twenty-Twelve theme so there should be no conflict there.

    Have you tested for possible conflicts with another plugin by temporarily deactivating all others, and testing again?

    As for the end-time issue, that is automatically calculated and displays depending on the service duration you have set for the selected service.

  • Metaphorum

    Bug still not solved and we are using the twenty fourteen theme. But before spending time on bug solving: we definitely miss the end time option. I cannot undertand that this should be hard to implement: in making an appointment, the visitor has the option to fill in a start time, but we want them to fill in a start time as well as an end time. In other words: to have them decide how long the appointment will take, just like planning in Google calendar for example. We do not want to work with fixed time durations. Problem is for example: service is offered for one hour but client wants to order service for three hours. So in your system he will need to order three times? That's not what we are looking for.

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