Bug in BuddyPress sign-up page fields

Hi, I am using the Business theme with BuddyPress. 2 problems:

1. On the sign-up page, in the fields that are auto-generated there is a visual glitch. I have attached a screen shot that shows the Confirm Password field is out of place instead of underneath the field title. How do I fix that? My site is at http://whub25.webhostinghub.com/~united66/

2. When I tested the sign-up form, I put in my User Name as lori test 1, and it says “only lower case numbers and letters allowed”, but what it needs to says is, no spaces allowed. When I took out the spaces, it accepted my submission. How can I add the phrase “No spaces allowed.” to that same error box? Also, how can I change the color of the error box? If you can tell me where to access this code for the error phrase and the box color, I can figure out the rest.