Bug in latest release of members plugin

Hi guys,

I have found a small bug in your latest membership plugin update. This is as of 10th Aug 2014. Sorry I can't find the version but all I know it wasn't there yesterday the 9th but was available today.

This is what happens:

- In Membership>General Options I have Default subscription set to "My Free Sub" and have checked "Assign first subscription level to new users"

-I have paypal standard as my gateway

So a user goes to my site and selects a paid subscription say "Premium"

- they enter there details with "Paypal" and confirm purchase

- the money is taken from their account and all seems to go well

- However on return from paypal they are not signed up to the paid "Premium" subscription but only to the defeault free one.

- This can be confirmed by going into the "All members" area


It seems that if you have a default subscription set then this will happen and just to confirm this I tried setting the Default Subcription for registered users to none and all worked as expected.

Needs an urgent fix


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Patrick,

    Hope you're doing well and thanks for your thorough explanation!

    I just tested this out on my installation and the subscription upgraded as expected. Can you check your IPN history in your PayPal account?

    Sounds like PayPal isn't communicating properly with your website. You can find this via My Account > History > IPN History. Let us know what it says :slight_smile: and we'll go from there.

    Talk to you soon Patrick.


  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Patrick,

    Thanks for doing that!

    I tried it out with your same settings and mine is still working as expected. It does take a few seconds for the level to reflect on the site, does it not reflect ever on your site?

    Also, do you mind posting a screenshot of one of your recent IPN's? For a transaction where the Membership didn't reflect on the site. Just want to get all the info we can here for the dev, since I can't reproduce it on my end.

    Thanks for your patience here :slight_smile:


  • Patrick

    Thanks Tyler,

    Ok looking closer I found that the subscription was created correctly but the welcome page that you get directed to after a successfull paypal signup displays as if it is still the "default subscription for registered users" not the one just signed up for.

    The funny thing is, if I then click a link on my page that goes to the welcome page everything gets displayed correctly. Maybe something to do with the redirect url??

    I had a similar problem but a little bit different prior to this new version but instead it would show as a protected page (I see on this forum many others had the same issue). I was hoping that this new version would have fixed the issue, in some ways it has but it seems another has surfaced.

    On a side note, how far off is the stripe gateway ?

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Patrick,

    Can you ensure that the welcome page is created correctly? It might even be worth just creating a new welcome page with the "Create Page" button :slight_smile:

    I had a similar problem but a little bit different prior to this new version but instead it would show as a protected page

    This issue was often caused by the short delay between registration and the subscription actually being applied. If that is what is happening here then you should be able to get around it by setting a default subscription via Membership > Options.

    On a side note, how far off is the stripe gateway ?

    Not sure if I should even say this, probably not, but the stripe integration is actually complete. It's all ready to go for 4.0 :slight_smile: - Unfortunately, it was integrated specifically for 4.0, so won't work for the current version.

    Hope that helps Patrick!

    All the best,

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