Bug in Marketpress & MP 2.8 Beta

We found a Bug in Marketpress.

marketpress.php main plugin file (if order is total is 0) then marketpress automatically uses manual payment but there is a bug on line 3168 and 3169

currently lines are:

$payment_info[] = __(‘N/A – Free order’, ‘mp’:wink:;

$payment_info[] = __(‘N/A’, ‘mp’:wink:;

they should be:

$payment_info = __(‘N/A – Free order’, ‘mp’:wink:;

$payment_info = __(‘N/A’, ‘mp’:wink:;

this is in version 2.8 beta 2

in version 2.7 lines 2952 and 2953 have the same issue

Please Fix it. Thank you