BUG in new update - causes "modern" cart to fail loading properly

Ok - there is something in this update that somewhere it breaks the use of the "modern" cart from whmcs. I have spent the past 3 hours troubleshooting this and when the update of is applied, updating from, it causes the "modern" cart and the view as designed to be "broken" in the fact that it does not display properly.

I user r1soft backups - and backup my server every 6 hours including databases. I restored my site back to the point where everything was working fine with the setup. The cart loaded fine without issues.

Then - I installed and ran version, 6, 7 and 8 and this is what happened.

Verions 5 and 7 worked fine with the modern view of the cart.

Versions 6 and 8 break the cart and it does not display properly.

You can confirm this if you want, but I have tested it on three different sites with new setups, all doing the same thing. I will stick with version 7 until this is fixed. Hopefully soon!!