Bug in ProSites not updating account status after upgrade

Multisite: usingessentialoils.com Blog ID: 374

I have been having problems with Pro Sites related to sites expiring after payments. The history shows completed transaction yet the site expired. This particular transaction included bot an upgrade in ProSites plus change from monthly to annual subscription.

healthyoils.usingessentialoils.com blog ID: 374
Problems: Multiple - review history disconnect between history transaction and Pro Site status
Expiration date Should be 7/15/2016
Also on 7/13 history shows duplicate completion entries with 24 months extension to 7/15/2017 rather than 12 months to 7/15/2015, In reality, however, the site actually expired on 7/15/2015 and so didn't get any actual extension for annual payment
Subscriber angry and cancelled on 9/18/15. I have now manually extended the site. Below is the information as shown in account
Pro Sites Management
I have granted access.

This may be similar to problem at: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/pro-sites-is-set-in-an-upgrade-loop-and-wont-check-out