Bug: M2 downgrades itself when deactivated

I just set up a clean multisite for testing. The first thing I did was install a bunch of WPMUDEV plugins. I made the mistake of enabling a bunch of plugins at once, and something went wonky.

To correct the problem, I did the quick and dirty solve-everything trick: renamed the plugins folder, then renamed it back. All was well.

But one of the first things I noticed on the newly refreshed plugin page was that Membership 2 suddenly offered me an update! After accepting the update, it said I had version (I am not sure whether it said Membership or Membership2 in the plugin listing.)

Now I've activated the plugin -- and you'll have to check out the screenshot to see what happened. Basically, it's telling me that I need to upgrade to M2 -- that I only have Membership.

The screenshot shows what I saw immediately upon activating M2 (top to bottom):

- Membership: Disabled (upper right)
- Logged in as admin user (orange alert, top)
- Membership plugin is not enabled (red alert, top)
- a WPMU advertisement saying I should upgrade to M2 (huh?)
- the standard "Plugin activated" message (green alert) due to having just activated it.

I clicked on the ad to "update to M2", and got another banner message (green alert) saying "Membership2 was updated to!" -- which is exactly what it before it started acting like it was the old Membership plugin.

This is not my first experience with this issue. I have encountered this problem before and I've reported it in previous support requests related to M2, but it clearly hasn't been addressed yet. Hopefully this report is more clear, and can be brought to the attention of the developers.

EDIT: I am unable to attach a screenshot?

Thank you,