BUG: No way for user to finalize "reserved site"

Started a pro-site website, got to the point of adding a site...typed my credit card info in...but lost internet. Then logged in visiting networkname.com/pro-site shows my list of sites and then at the bottom it says:

Your site networkname.com has not been activated yet.

When it should say:

Your site networkname.com/siteitriedtosignupfor has not been activated yet. https://networkname.com/pro-site/?bid=BLOGNUMBER

So...yeah...fudge...bug bug bug?

  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Ben,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    I tested this in my system, and I wasn't able to replicate this issue. Just to be sure, could you please provide the exact steps to replicate this bug. I tried accessing /pro-site page again, after logging out, but I wasn't able to notice any such message Your site networkname.com has not been activated yet. as such in my test /pro-site page, and it seems like the message will only appear once when we reserve the site, and not on reload.

    Are you able to replicate this bug again in your system, I tested by created a subsite(wpmutest), and I wasn't able to re-generate this issue in your website. Could you please provide the exact steps, and possibly a screenshot too would help.

    Also, please enable support so that we could give a closer look in your next reply. You can grant access from WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access > Grant Access, or check this manual: http://premium.wpmudev.org/manuals/wpmu-dev-dashboard-enabling-staff-login/

    Please let us know once you enable access, so that we could get this sorted. Have a nice weekend. :slight_smile:

    kind Regards,

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Ben,

    I wasn't also able to replicate that issue and I believe I have multisite configured the same way as yours.
    I noticed that you are using 3.5.5-beta1 of Pro Sites where we are testing last stable release - so that is very possible that this issue that happen only on your version of Pro Sites.
    I'm now waiting for the same version from developer and feedback regarding changes that were made on your site - if I recall correctly Umesh was working on your site to fix some bugs.

    kind regards,

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