Bug of the day... As if not being able to make pages wasn't bad enough... settings revert to de

I am really getting more and more disappointed in UP/Spirit.

After hours of work, my formatting just reverted to default.

Will you people please fix this thing?

This is after a clean install of WP and UP/Spirit, and starting over on the site, completely rebuilt from scratch.

This is after:
1) I cannot make any new pages, because any new pages I save overwrite other pages (and no one seems to want to address this issue... days with no resolution).

2) now the theme is so incredibly unstable, it just decided to use the default colors and sizes. I can see the code in the UF edits screens, and the CSS box - all the changes I made look fine there (screenshot: As it looks in UpFront Editor), but on the live page, it has somehow picked up the green on the menu (hover) and the formatting on the blog (screenshot: Diverted to original color Live View).

Why does this happen? It is on the UF editor, but not on the live page?