"Bug" on the ultimate translate

Hi, it's probably not a real bug, but in this case it is... from what i understand the plugin get the original language from the blog language, right?
In this case it's not a good move, because we can have a blog in the english language, but write posts in other languages (french, german, etc), then the translation won't work (i've just tried, the "translated" english version is the same as the original)
You should give the ability to choose the original language in the config or use the autodetect language option.
How can i manually fix this until a new release of the plugin? (i cannot change the default blog language, it must be stay english)

  • drmike
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Actually it;s an educational issue for your endusers. If you have more than a single language file installed, site admins will have an option on their Settings -> General page to choose what language is being used. That's what determines what language is given in the header.

    You're going to have to educate your users that they need to choose what language their blog is registered as.

    Reference: http://en.support.wordpress.com/language-settings/

    I don;t see this as a bug of any sort.

  • Huemac
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    drmike, my enduser doesn't have access to that plugin, but use it for the corporate blog. We post in our mothertongue language, but we keep the blog language in english because it's better for using it by foreign users. As the corporate blog is the main one of the wpmu install, and the one showed in home page, having posts in one language and the website in another, the plugin doesn't work correctly. How hard would it be to add the possibility to config the original post language in the plugin settings? Or if you tell me what change / hardcode directly in the plugin.

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