Bug on wordpress backend

Sometimes when I open a page on the backend or something else, on the top of the screen of the backend apprear a window that I have attached below.
Thanks for your help

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Daniel

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    The message that's displayed there means basically that your WordPress install is not able to write to the files/folders on server. It usually happens upon attempts to install or update a plugin or theme and can be caused by different reasons. It might be because of file/folder permissions but also your WP configuration or some unexpected server-side issues (e.g. temp folder being full or unavailable etc).

    Can you tell me please if that happens always when you e.g. try to install a new plugin or theme on site (or update plugin or theme) or only sometimes (and sometimes you can install or update without that message showing up)?

    Was it like that "from the start" or did it started to happen just recently? If only recently - were there any changes whatsoever made to the site shortly before you noticed that happening and if so, what were they?

    Best regards,

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