BUG REPORT – Hummingbird crashing DIVI sites


It is again Hummingbird's caching I think as it is not only on blog posts but also on DIVI

You import a new layout save it and you look at it and modify it and wonderful it looks so nice – haha. You send the link to your customer and they are shocked that absolutely nothing has been done since days!

Just yesterday we had that problem and it is even worse as when you reload the page twice it loses parts of js and css in divi and suddenly some background colors are gone and buttons move to their defaults and that happens on ALL pages suddenly out of nothing.

Clear cache won't help!

Cloudflare what we also took into account is not the culprit

As an interim solution, you can complete deactivating the hummingbird – which means you need to deactivate it in the whole network as only there you can make the cache settings

or you try to solve the problem by deactivating the caching

It is actually not acceptable that this happens at all as it is really so that if you are logged in to your site you will NOT see the problem, but your customers will simply run away!!!

We decided to make sure that does not happen again and deactivated Hummingbird completely!

We can't wait for another disaster!

If you think clearing local cache will help you are completely wrong as this won't help at all!

checking clear full cache when post/page is updated – won't work either!

Only the press on the button clear cache is helping for a moment – a real headache!

As all those settings can only be made on a complete network base!!!

It MUST be possible to disable the caching on a site per site base as otherwise a network of more than 10, 100 or 1000's of sites is without caching at all!

Kind regards