Bug: Subscribe by Email 1.0.4 breaks wysiwyg hyper-link button

Hi Guys,

I’m seeing the new version of “subscribe by email” break the functionality of my post editor hyper-link insertion button.

WPMU 3.1.1

Subscribe by Email 1.0.4

New Blog Templates 1.2.3

Subscribe by email plugin is by default activated across all sites (via the New Blog Template)


Blogs created using New Blog Templates prior to upgrading of the Subscribe by Email plugin allow for hyperlink creation in the WYSIWYG with no problem.


Update to Subscribe by Email 1.0.4

Create blog using New Blog Templates

WYSIWYG editor on new blogs will not allow hyperlink insertion using the hyperlink button on the editor.


Disable Subscrbie by Email 1.0.4

Guys, let me know if this is something wonky with my setup or if this is a real bug. I would like to continue using the subscribe by email plugin.