Bug: Text element, Line height not working?


I seem to have another bug with the Text editor.

Please see screencast: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_SKBXnypFg-ZlZPWFNNU1VsdHM/view?usp=sharing

It shows me changing the line height for the H3 tag, then saving, but line height for the H3 tag doesn't change.

Also after increasing the line height there is a bug when apply the H3 tag. As you can see from the screencast the H3 tag moves down when trying to apply it to some text. In some circumstances it overlaps the H4 tag! This must be a bug.

Also I added the quote symbol, highlighted it then tried to increase its size, can't, clicking the increase size toggles deselects the symbol.


I've enabled support access in case you need to take a looksie.

Hope you can help.