Bug - The actual shortcode is displaying on public view of page

I know it was finally released today - but I brought this problem up during the beta. For some reason on the Front End support pages the shortcodes themselves are displaying. I have double checked that I have specified the correct blog ID (49) and that the shortcodes are inserted into the pages. I have tried entering and saving them in both the visual and text editor and get the same results.

Here is link to new ticket page: http://websites.usingessentialoils.com/support-system-new-ticket/

Is there new documentation? Ignacio indicated during the beta process that there would also be a way for the admin to enter a ticket. I get so many of my users just use the contact page on my site or email and it is so difficult to track. I don't see where I can add or initiate a support ticket.

I have granted access.