BUG: Up/Down Arrow keys Change focus when editing input text.....ANNOYING AF

1. Try "upfronting" a site and then editing the link location in a navigation button. Right/Left keyboard buttons work great. BUT say you want to skip to the end of the text by pushing the down button...knocks you right out of the editor for that text. BUG

2. Try "upfronting" a site and then using the draggable element "code" in your page. Go to edit some code (which could be multiple lines). When trying to traverse this block of code in the editor..Right/Left keyboard buttons work great...but the UP/DOWN keyboard keys ...make you lose focus on the element and stop editing....annoying AF...and is a bug.

There could be other situations...but now that these are identified for the developer he should be able to fix the javascript bug for these annoying usability bugs that are confusing AF for non-programmers.