"Bug" with Front Page Images

i chated with Vlad on live support and he checked the source code and said it may be a bug and to report here:

PROBLEM: the images on the front page are not showing up (tried both to set up a featured images and leave it open and its not showing either way only the default one if i dont set a featured image)

here is a site http://blog.ecoloveart.com

and below is Vlads chat

VeBailovity 10:52 am VeBailovityyes, i see it’s broken on the home page, let me just check the theme source really quick

VeBailovity 10:58 am VeBailovity@kslovelstzy, I have taken a look at the source and this may be a bug in one of the functions.

VeBailovity 10:59 am VeBailovity@kslovelstzy, can you please make a topic about it here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/tags/network-theme