Bug with Pro Sites 3.5 and New Blog Template intergration

Hi I have noticed a bug with the new Pro Sites 3.5 and the New Blog Template plugin.
When choosing to display the New Blog Template as a Theme Preview it is supposed to display a "view demo" button and a "Select this template" button on the screenshot of the template and only once the mouse has hovered over the template. This worked fine prior to updating to Pro Sites 3.5 and is working now i have reverted back to the older version of pro sites.

If you try to look at my site you will notice that i have reverted back to the old version of pro sites and as such you will not see the bug, however it is something that i think needs to be addressed and i will not be switching over to Pro Sites 3.5 until it is fixed.

I look forward to seeing this bug fixed so i can upgrade and make use of the fantastic new features.