Bugs and bad english everywhere. Did anyone QA this?

I work with offshore developers frequently, so I'm used to this. But did anyone bother to actually read through the messages? The grammar and phrasing just plain sucks!

For instance:

"You don't have enough permission for upload avatar"

change to :

"You don't have permission to upload an avatar"

(of course, since I'm logged in as an Admin I *should* have all the permission I need.)

In setting this up I've found a number of bugs, and other reports here indicate that you guys didn't really give this a thorough going over before throwing it out the door. I expect better quality from a paid product (granted, the cost was low, but basic functionality should work properly).

Kinda disappointed.

  • aristath

    Hello again @billc108,

    We welcome all bug reports and fix these as soon as they come in!
    This is a relatively new plugin and though it has been tested both by us and by this community, I'm sure some things have slipped through the cracks...

    I have marked this as a confirmed bug and notified the plugin developer about it, we should have this fixed ASAP.

    In the meantime if you find any more bugs please create a separate thread for each one of them so that we may address them all and improve this. :slight_smile:


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