Bugs Found in MarketPress

1. global category list
The same category repeat twice in global category list (see attachment)

2. Global taxonomy page MIA
It seems the global taxonomy page no longer available in MP3

3. Filter global products by category
Both 'Limit To Product Category' & 'Limit To Product tag' options don't work in Global Product List widget

4. Order by Price in global products
Pricing sorting don't work correctly in global products.

5. Order by Sales
sort by popularity returns nothing - when all products have zero sales.

6. variation lightbox
We need filters in ajax_display_variations_lightbox() - so that the lightbox contents can be customized with hooks.

7. TypeError: el.lightGallery is not a function in product page
Culprit: marketpress\includes\common\template-functions.php on line 1786

8. Code suggestion on class-mp-product.php

Can we change line 881, from this:
$button = apply_filters( 'mp_buy_button_tag', $button, $this->ID, $context );
to this:
$button = apply_filters( 'mp_buy_button_tag', $button, $this->ID, $context , $selected_atts , $no_single );

That way any hooks added to the filter will have access to all the values passed down.