Bugs in adding service employees and locations

Hey there,

First of all I love this plugin and the ease for customization, really appreciate the quality for such a fair priced plugin!

This is our website:http://idaboreparaties.nl/afspraak-maken/

I've been working on our appointment page all day but encountered the following issues:

1. Add locations doesn't do anything ( in the admin bar) there seem to some kind of bug, the short code isn't working also.

2. I cant add more service employees? There is only one now, but when I try to add a new one the button doesn't do anything.

3. We repair iPhones, so what's important for us:
people select their service (repair) in the list to the left (see website), there is no need to show available times when people pressed their needed repair, we only need a list of available times which pops up when you select your service employee, which is shown to the right. Can we somehow remove the: Show available times at the choose service shortcode?

4. I already asked for support on this but did not get an answer: I want the times in the table to be alligned perfectly in the middle, I tried some padding and margin css but that didn't do the trick.

Looking forward to your replies!