BUGS: Unnecessary bad coding for blog templates makes incompatibility with hummingbird

Some more crazy bugs that should flat out shouldn't be happening:

Hummingbird main goal: faster loading time and better page speed score from google
Methods: A. Script files to bottom of page. B. Joining JS code C. Minification

Problem: Blog templates is relying on inline non-enqueued javascript to link to pro-site page checkout ...whaa...why....wtf...goodness.

Solution 1: Direct link to checkout, ie a link that looks like:

Solution 2: use the wordpress wp_enqueue_script for proper wordpress coding. This way it can work with humming bird.

Right now this is a major bug...gotta step up the coding practices here!

Pretty easy to fix! But right now broken...and guessing there are many non-tech savy customers not re-testing everything on every plugin update...so they are just not aware of this bug.

Hope that makes sense and gets fixed asap.