Buid a theme demo showcase site

Hi there! I'm buiding a theme demo site to show my work and also thinking using wpmu to setup my own let work so I can host my client website,can I ask anyone have any idear what plugin and theme should I use in order to get more super admin power,and manage the multi site correctly.Thank you!

  • Nastia

    Hello @vieclamukad

    Thank you for your question!

    To host your client's websites on your installation, you will definetely require the Domain Mapping plugin, which will allow to map a subsite to a domain name.

    You can create a demo site on the one of your subsites using Upfront themes, it's very easy to customize and they are really impressive.

    Here you will find very useful information:
    How I Use WordPress Multisite to Host Client Sites

    Let us know if you have any further questions!

    Kind Regards,

  • Tuan

    Hi Panos! Thank you very much for your answer,It was a good plugin and for it job,but not mine :smiley:
    I'm looking on this sexy here :http://codecanyon.net/item/fbar-responsive-wordpress-demo-switch-bar-plugin/5117122
    which has quite few good review and it has that purchase button allow buyer to buy the theme after they try themes to themes using theme switcher plugin,which I really need,this is not a free plugin but not to expensive to have it,thank you for your answer ones again and I would love to here your though about this plugin and idea to help how should I setup a a theme demo site,Is it better to use my main site like http://mysite.com to setup the theme demo site or should I just create a subdomain form it like http://mysite/themedemo to build a theme demo website from it,which way you think is better from your opinion,thank you.

  • Tuan

    Hi Panos! First of all I don’t know how to say thank you to you enough for your great support,I though I will go for the second option to get my job done with more help from some WPMU plugins.

    "2. Perhaps it would be better to use a custom plugin for this in which you can set the links. This plugin should work network-wide so it would need to be set up only once for the entire network (and not per sub-site)."

    Also it should provide CSS and Javascript for the positioning of the menu (probably at the top) and of the links. Normally this menu should be placed on the very top of the page.
    I found a plugin cal Fbar on Theme Forest :http://codecanyon.net/item/fbar-responsive-wordpress-demo-switch-bar-plugin/5117122
    and this seem to has what I need and some really cool feature.I will give it a try and one my setup done I will send you a link so please have a look,this is the first time I setup something like this,I treated as a my own system and I will work hard for it succeeds.I just joined the WPMU community since yesterday but I already get a lot of support form you lovely people,I just think why didn’t I join with WPMU sooner :smiley:.So one again I’m very happy to be come a part of this amazing community and all I can say for now is all the best to you guys there and good luck for your fantastic works.
    Kind Regard
    Tuan Anh Le

  • Panos

    Hello Tuan,

    I am glad I could be of any help :slight_smile:

    Regarding you question about using a subdomain for your themes, I would definitely recommend this, mostly for making it easier to separate demos with customer sites, also when you need to make updates to WordPress. The drawback here is that you will need to install a separate multisite for the demos, but I believe it is worth it :slight_smile: I would also recommend making another subdomain for testing or for debugging.

    I visited the link of the plugin on codecanyon and it seems quite impressing. It looks that it will be able to cover your needs here!

    Kind regards,

  • Panos

    Hi Tuan,
    Hope you are having a nice weekend!

    When I mention about a testing subdomain I was only a making suggestion. The reason is so you can test each theme with any new plugins, with any update of WordPress or theme or plugin, perhaps check some customizations, or need to have a look at a bug one of your customers has reported. All these testing would be better to be done in a private environment without affecting your demos or customer's sites :slight_smile:


    Kind regards,

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