Builder picking and choosing what to save

So I’ve spent a whole day messing around with this and reading as many topics as I could to try find a solution. At the moment Builder seems to not be saving any worthwhile changes. I thought it was just the menus that was giving me trouble so I wrote css for the styles and put it in global now I’ve moved on and found it won’t even save an applied simple font style.

This is my third install Ive tried to set this up on, every one of them it was just builder and the upfront parent install on their own. At the moment I’ve got as far as installing builder, upfront and revslide 5 which you are free to deactivate, but I can assure you it isn’t the problem and this was happening before I even installed it.

I’m really desperate to get this to a client now, the last project I started with Upfront I was forced to abandon because of its lack of supporting what I needed now I can’t even get it to produce an extremely simple website.