Builder theme -looks fine on the backend but not correct in front

I am slowly learning this Builder tool, which is awesome. But ran into something that has me stumped. I edited the theme in builder, and all was going great. Then I made another change today and it does not look right. The thing I changed looks like I want it to, but some of the images have disappeared from the home page (on the left side). And there is an awkward space that should not be there. It looks fine in the builder and upfront editing view. I have granted access to this.

  • Luís

    Hi Monica ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    From what I checked in the browser console, those images are getting a 404 error (not found). Maybe you have removed /changed the location. You will need to replace them again for the existing images in the Media library.

    Also, I think you already edited the theme in the Upfront Editor too, because the changes made in Upfront Builder are not being displayed in the theme.

    Once you edit the theme in Upfront Editor, all the changes made in Upfront Builder after that, will not be displayed in the site, only in new sites. To overcome this, you will need to reset the theme (Upfront -> General), but you will lose all changes made in the Upfront Editor.

    If you not aware, let me just add some information about the differences between Upfront Builder and Upfront editor:

    Upfront Builder

    Upfront Builder is a new plugin to create your own Upfront child themes from the scratch, to design the base of your Upfront child theme.

    It can be launched through admin panel -> Upfront -> Builder.

    You can create your own layouts (single post, single page, archive, etc) and export the theme to be used in your site or in other installations. Also, you can edit the layouts of the Upfront starter themes too (Spirit, Fixer, Panino, etc..).

    Upfront Editor

    Upfront Editor is used to insert/edit content in your website (pages, posts).

    It can be launched through the back or front end, clicking in the Upfront menu item of the top admin bar.

    So, basically, Upfront Builder is used to create the base of your theme, the structure, that will be used everytime you start a website.

    Difference here is that , Upfront Editor can be used to change the layout too, but, the changes made using Upfront Editor will be only for that site and it will not be saved as new starting theme.

    So you can use Upfront Builder to create a starting theme, activate it on your desired sites and then use Upfront Editor to make changes only.

    Cheers, Luís

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