Building a central page to feature posts from around the site

Hi, I'm just getting started with multisite and will be building a website for individual product brands. They will have categories, for instance, kitchen. On the main site, I'd like to feature a grid image layout of all the products in the kitchen category. I can specify to the kitchen product owners that each product should be tagged "Kitchen" and have an image, 200x200, that should be named "ProductAvatar". Would the tag feed, or another plugin help me build this? Is there documentation to help get started?


  • Alexander

    Hi @Norman,

    You might want to checkout MarketPress for this. It has shortcodes for global categories and global products you could use. If you're not using it for selling products, you can disable that feature for more of a gallery style system.

    Tag feed would get you close. You would also need to make sure Post Indexer is installed.

    To get the grid layout though, you'd need to create a custom template in your theme to display the products this way.

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