Building a community: Buddypress, bbpress, wpmudev COMMUNITIES and wpmudev FORUMS

Firstly? I have to say wpmudev is the best in terms of WordPress support that I’ve ever come across?I‘m very pleased with your services and support and I’ll stay with you guys as long as I am still developing website using wordpress.

Here are some of my questions I want to clear up:

1. I want to use buddypress for my multisite, it seems sub-domain site can not have its own “buddypress social network” , all the sites under a multisite network share ONE buddypress social network. Search for members will return all members in the multi-site network.

2. Your communities plugin actually address to this problem by letting each sub-site have its own community and in the main site, it can show all activities and members of ALL sub-sites and let member be friends with other site’s members?

3. Your forums plugin let every sub-site have its own forum (if activated), i.e. when member of create a topic, the forum and the topic stays within… On the main site, I can create a forum (can I use bbPress?) to display all the forums and activities of ALL the sub-sites, e.g.…

4. What is the best scenario to use buddypress and/or communities? How to choose between bbPress and Forums?



Sp Wong