Building a Marketplace with MarketPress - Should I use WP MS or Buddypress?

Hi Support Superstars and Forum Ninjas

I've been trawling the forums and cannot find a definitive answer, and there seems to be conflicting information about whether MarketPress works with BuddyPress.

What I need to do is simple in theory - I am using Headway to build a marketplace for audio digital downloads. Users sign up get a profile, then can upload their digital downloads as MarketPress products, and visitors can buy these and the network site owner will receive a commission for each sale.

What I am unsure of is which would work - WordPress MS or BuddyPress. From this forum post:
The former is possible. I know I can fake some of the profile functionality of Buddypress using Headway page templates, but I'd prefer to use something that works already rather than hack around.

My preference is BuddyPress as this would allow for far more community engagement, it would be useful too if buyers could be members on BuddyPress. What I'd then be creating is a sort of dumbed down competitor to AudioJungle. The documentation and numerous forum posts mention that MarketPress does not integrate as of yet with BuddyPress profiles? But then there are other posts discussing what I have mentioned using BuddyPress instead of MS so hence the confusion.

Please can you advise what is the correct route here - this seems like a simple use case, that should be supported. Thanks in advance for any help with this.

This <a href="
">post seems to clarify it, that I would need MarketPress + WP MS and then BuddyPress for the optional social aspects. I just want to double check that I would be able to have non-store owning users and store owning users?

This also seems to point to them all playing nice. This last post pretty much states it clearly:

MarketPress utilizes the Multisite feature of WordPress to achieve a multi-vendor marketplace.
With Multisite enabled, you can allow your users to create sub-sites on your network and if you've got MarketPress enabled network-wide they'll automatically have access to the store features.