Building a multi-site network that people will pay for

You guys keep referencing the success you've had with Edu Blogs. Going through all your great content, I am finally starting to believe that I, too, could put together a multisite network that others would pay to join.

I'm relatively experienced as an admin of normal WP sites. And I know that you have the Pro Sites plugin and a few other tools to make that paid network site a technical reality.

However, I'm really not quite sure of the roadmap to get from the beginning to end. Do you have any resources you can point me to, like case study or a how-to document (besides the manual of any specific plugin), on how to put together an edublogs style of site from end to end?

  • Tom Eagles


    Hi there thanks for the kind words, edublogs is actually based on the prosites plugin.

    First thing you really need to do is identify your target audience, find out what features they need? what plugins are needed to match their needs? Then your pricing structure etc and whats themes and plugins will be available to each prosites level.

    I know this isn't a exact how to but you are asking a very general questin that's pretty much difficult to answer without knowing what features etc you want to offer etc. If yiu can come back with something a bit more specific than what you mentioned i will be glad to to dive in and help out.

    Kindest Regards


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