Building a web application using WordPress

I am trying to build an application like builtwith or datanyze or similarweb. I have the data partnerships in place. Meaning, getting the data is not the issue. Let's say I already have that in place. The dataset would be close to 50 million domains (rows) and it would have 500 columns for each rows.

How do I build the application so that I can sell the data on a subscription basis to customers?

There will be different plans and they will have different features and access,
and there needs to be fllters for the showing the data.
Filters - If I as a customer login, then I would see options for choosing filters like, what technologies I would like, then, what alexa rank, etc. When I choose the filters, and click on show, it would show the results.

I know that there are subscription /membership plugins and so on. Not sure if they would satisfy my needs.

And also, how would I implement that to my particular project. What else would I need ?

  • Paul Kevin

    Hey there Nicole,

    Hope you are well today. This does sounds like something fun. To start, you will need a base membership plugin like Membership 2. This will mainly manage the different subscription account types. The core application to filter data will need to be a custom plugin built around the membership plugin where different functionality is dependent on the type of membership a user has. You might have to try out the jobs board for this, I dont think there is a plugin out of the box that will be able to handle this data keeping in mind the users memberships.

    Warm Regards
    Paul Kevin

    • Nicole

      There are several table plugins out there, like wptables that can handle tables. but not sure about the filters though for searching.

      Also, can't i just setup (from the admin panel), which technologies a user has access to, which fields, number of rows and columns, visibility of data to the user.

      I understand that there would be a bit of custom work involved but it should be minimal given there are so many plugins out there and we should be able to find something that is somewhat of a close match. This should be enough for me to get a little custom work done and get to what I want.

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