Building an intranet inside my multisite installation

I'd like to know how to install an intranet as part of my multisite wp installation. BuddyPress looks too complicated to me. Any other options?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @lynnort,

    What do you mean by install an intranet inside your multisite?

    Multisite would be installed on your internal network, and allow you to create multiple sites from 1 installation, you would use it exactly the same on an intranet as you would on the internet.

    Buddypress is pretty much the only social networking plugin for wordpress. It depends what features you want, BBPress can be installed to use forums, then there are various media plugins available. What features would you want to have? Buddypress isn't that complicated, but there aren't many other options that integrate with each other to provide the same functionality as BP itself.

    Hope this helps

  • lynnort

    Let me try to explain myself better. Even though I'm using Multisite WP, I'm using it just for one website. My idea is to have the main site, then create another site to be an intranet, password protected, just for the members of the religious congregation for whom I'm building the site. In that internal part we would have forums, activity calendars, documents, etc. I think it's better than to have two separate WP installations. I installed bbpress on the main site just to try it, but I'd need it to be password protected, not open to the public. I also looked at P2 theme.... You can tell I'm no pro, Is there a better way to do this?

    I'm kinda freaked out because recently my webhost and my little site went through one of those attacks for about 12 hours, thank God they couldn't get in...

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