Bulk Delete of Members Based on Criteria


I use Membership Pro. I am trying to accomplish two things:

1. Purge members who do not have a subscription or access level. These are members who did a trial membership and did not upgrade to a paid membership. Currently, I have to browse through the entire list of hundreds of members to identify those without a subscription, then I have to switch to WordPress Users admin, locate the user, and delete the user. Bear in mind that I cannot filter Membership Pro members to those having no subscription or access level, and even if I could, the Membership Pro admin area does not provide the ability to delete users.

2. I also need to delete users who have been inactive on the site for 60 days or more who are on a particular subscription level. The challenge here is that Membership does not display last activity date, so I cannot sort on last activity, nor can I delete users from the Membership Pro admin area anyway.

Regarding #2, using a plugin called "awr users" I am able to sort Users by last activity date within the WordPress Users admin area (NOT within Membership). But this isn't helpful because the Users admin area does not indicate any Membership Pro criteria.

I'm hoping someone might have ideas for a means of accomplishing 1 and 2 above, and perhaps if Membership Pro is updated in the future, it could include a sortable "Last Activity" column and the ability to delete members/users in bulk.

Thank you for any help or insight!