Bulk Edit for custom post type list views in WordPress

I've been trying to figure this out since Friday afternoon (with no luck). We have custom post types for various content, and custom fields created with Advanced Custom Fields plugin.

Everything works great, but I cannot seem to get the Bulk Edit feature in WordPress to let me edit the custom fields. I've included a screenshot that shows my listing view. For whatever reason, I can only edit "status". None of the other fields.


Thanks in advance for your helpful suggestions!

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    I am sorry you are having this issue. In order to help you, I need a little more information. I am sure we'll be able to rectify this.

    The options you are able to edit is entirely dependent on what features are enabled in the custom post type. What are you looking to edit and what fields do you have enabled? Are you using the latest version of WordPress?

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hey guys -

    Not quite. When you select multiple items, then click "bulk edit" ...there's a field or two you can bulk edit. I'd like to be able to (easily?) specify which fields should show up in the bulk menu that shows up so we can mass-categorize things, etc.

    Right now, I have an import plugin that imported a bunch of content from Excel. The problem, however, is that the category was not specified on import. I'd like to use WordPress' bulk management feature to re-categorize based on a custom taxonomy I have created ...but it's not an option/field to manage in bulk with.

    Hopefully that makes sense :slight_smile:

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Updated info per Brian's request:

    - Current WordPress
    - Using "More Types" plugin to create CPT's
    - Using "More Taxonomies" plugin to create custom taxonomies
    - Using "Advanced Custom Fields" plugin to create custom fields

    Every single piece of this puzzle works from a content management standpoint, queries work, etc. The only thing that does not is:

    - bulk edit in the listing view for the custom post type
    - quick edit in the listing view for the custom post type

    If it's going to take 1,000 lines of code to enable this, then maybe it's not worth it. But a plugin that maybe I'm not aware of or have been able to find might be the trick. Everything else exists ...why not that, too, right? :wink:

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    So there isn't a flag/setting in the taxonomy or custom post type register calls we can use to enable a field to be "editable"? That's pretty lame ...seems like that would *SO* be part of the core. :slight_frown:

    Appreciate your help. Just couldn't bring myself to pass on this. That's such a cool feature of WordPress, and to not be able to use it sucks.

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    Not quite. If you go bulk edit a couple of standard posts you'll see what are potentially bulk editable.

    Certain things like content, titles, custom fields, custom taxonomies, etc are not bulk editable. Some of them are not feasible for bulk edits, like titles or content, and others are more technically demanding, like custom taxonomies, which will probably/hopefully be added in a future WordPress update.

    Which is why I was curious about what you have enabled on the custom post types and what you are wanting to bulk edit.

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Well, that was part of the issue.

    We have a CPT that stores info for display in a template a certain way, but disregard (and ignore) title and description. There are other things like custom fields or taxonomies that are important...which we have showing in the listing view columns.

    Just thought it would be great to be able to apply a mass-taxonomy/category change as a bulk action. Cause they didn't import right, and it looks like I now need to go edit each of them one-by-one (sucks).

    Any chance of a sweet little plugin that lets me (developer) mass-edit items like that if the WordPress core won't let me customize the admin to do it? Hopeful...

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    OK, I finally have some concrete info. Not sure why it is happening, but at least I've managed to determine something.

    It works on a CPT created with "More Types" plugin called "inventory", but on another CPT called "motors", the bulk edit simply doesn't work. Both CPTs were created with the same plugin...so I'm totally lost.

    Any ideas? Trying to finally put this to rest. Apparently it works...since I can bulk edit on CPT #1, but not CPT #2. This is driving me nuts!!

  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Those fields are controlled by the call to register_post_type() when the post type is defined. Look at the "supports" field, and by what taxonomies are associated with the post type.


    So my guess would be the hard coded hte register_post_type in the plugins your using and they have different settings. You can see this by playing around with a custom post type's settings in CustomPress which lets you turn these on or off.

    But CustomPress only works on CustomPress created types. Won't help you on someones elses pluign.

  • Will Ashworth
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    You know what, you guys are going to think I'm crazy ...or maybe not.

    We were using this post type specifically to house data, but it's being queried in a non-typical way and ultimately displayed on another page with custom PHP. Think of it as "I could have used an external MySQL table...but didn't". Instead, I opted to house it in WordPress and use a custom post type.

    Being only for storage, and having absolutely no need for "title" field in this use case, I had title disabled. Apparently, without "title" enabled for the CPT, you cannot use bulk functions to manage the posts.

    Once I enabled the "title" field, everything magically started working, and I was able to mass-associate posts with my custom taxonomies. Groovy!!

    Thanks to all who chimed in on this issue. This was a unique use case of WordPress, but we made it through!

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